Are you ready for mature dating?

03 Jul

Mature Dating is for the Strong at Heart

Age, to some can certainly be viewed as more of a blessing as a curse. Granted, it should be understood that age does not necessarily equate to maturity, but most seniors (hopefully) have come to view ideas and events differently than they viewed them in their 20s or 30s. Age hopefully inspires mellowness, increased appreciation, increased gratitude, and perhaps the opportunity to experience mature dating.

Are you ready for mature dating?

According to an online suite101 article1 there are many benefits of age that may naturally be implemented in mature dating. Take time to do six activities inspired by the advantages of simply being a  over 50s dating Senior:

Mature Dating Idea #1: Slowing Down

As Seniors age, they will naturally start to slow down. Despite opinions to the contrary, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. As Seniors slow down they start to notice quality and think less of quantity. Many Seniors take time to explore their talents or simply to observe more deeply than perhaps they have ever observed in their lives. Take advantage of this tendency and implement it into your mature dating practices. Take time to walk in beautiful gardens or to listen to music as you sit and talk softly. Take time to slow dance and appreciate life in in the slow lane.

Mature Dating Idea #2: Experience

The suite101 article also touched on the wealth of experience that Seniors often share. Mature dating can include activities that will either encourage or promote the sharing of anecdotes and experiences that often truly come from voices of wisdom. In addition, ask questions that will reveal your date's interests and personality. Try questions such as those that are provided by futurescopes.com2:

Mature Dating Idea #3: Mature Group Dating is Better Dating

The suite1013 article refers to the fact that Seniors usually know who their true friends are because they've been around for a while! Take advantage of the fact that you have great friends and double or triple date with your friends. Take a cruise if you all have the funds to do it. Wouldn't those be the greatest of memories?

Mature Dating Idea #4: Caring What Your Peers Think Has Become a Thing of the Past

Another benefit of being a Senior according to the suite101 article is that you don't care nearly as much (if at all) what your peers think of you. You've come to know yourself and human nature well enough that you've decided to simply relax and make the best of life. Mature dating can definitely benefit from this relaxed attitude. Take time to spread a blanket out in the living room and snack on crackers, cheese and cherry soda as you listen to old time favorites. Take time to watch the stars and tell your date about your grandkids.

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